SF has thousands of restaurants and from every corner, country, and culture of the world, and every style of cooking from Animals, Seafood, Airborne, to Vegan. (Hoove, Fin, Wing, Root)

Close to Pedro Point:

     a.)  Puerto 27: Seafood, meat dishes, and what I would call some vegetarian dishes. It is upscale Peruvian food. It is at the stop light at the north, or other, end of the beach in front of the house. It is across the highway (Hwy #1) that runs along the beachfront; and is on the corner, big, easy to see but is up a driveway and the whole restaurant has great ocean, sunset and moonset, and Cabo San Pedro (Pedro Point) views. Not inexpensive.

b.) In the Safeway shopping Center across the stop light entering our neighborhood, there are several, the Mexican one at the far end is good food and inexpensive. Look for Chinese, Starbucks, Subway, and others

c.) Kane Kosen: Japanese, just past the Puerto 27 but on the right side of that street (Crespi) it is tucked into a small driveway of offices down a row of businesses.

d.) Thai BBQ: Gellert St. (or Road) but over the hill towards (1/2 way to) the airport 10 minutes.. Very good food and good prices.

e.) Nick’s at Rockaway Beach, This is a seafood/steak place…good reputation for way more than 50 years…on beach front but they park cars in front of the view…Rockaway Point is the first landmark of our view looking north (of course)…the restaurant, Nick’s (Gust, a local Greek family, in fact Nick used to live 1 block below us); Nick’s is tucked into that cove…turn left at 1st light over the 1st small hill on Hwy #1 going north to the City. It is the 1st stop light past the Puerto 27 on the main Highway. The hotel opposite Nick’s has good hotel but great views of the ocean.

3. San Francisco is World Famous for restaurants. North Beach, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Embarcadero, Marina District with especially Chestnut St. (off of Lombard 1 block north toward the Bay on north side of the City.

4. Valencia St. in the Mission District is Tech central for SF and many sidewalk cafes…lots LOTS restaurants. Valencia is 1 block from Mission St., the heart of the Mission District (named after the Mission Dolores Church, 1st in SF with the Spanish colony). SF was originally called Yerba Buena (the Good Herb, hmmmm…! ! !) However at NIGHT I would not walk on Mission St, nor ever go anymore blocks in that direction (towards the Bay)…not safe. Valencia is a young people but all ages…we go there.

5. Parking in SF is always an issue.

6. Every neighborhood in SF has good restaurants.

7. Princeton By The Sea a larger Fishing Harbor, and restaurants. It is a few miles north of the small coastal town of Half Moon Bay.  Think artichokes brussels sprouts artichokes, Brussel Sprouts, and pumpkins…seasonally.  Princetown is a few scenic miles south of our house on Hwy. #1. Go to bottom of the hill and turn right at the stop light and head on up the winding hill and through the big new tunnel…beautiful ocean and beach views. Turn right into the Harbor at the signs., it is about 8 miles south of us.